Meals Before Meets

Track runners need to eat specific meals to reach their maximum skill level for their competitions.


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For track meets, athletes need to prepare rigorously to have success in their competition. For as much great work they put out, they need to put in the same amount of quality food in; allowing them to rebuild their muscles. Athletes need to eat the right foods before each competition to prepare themselves for their event.

“Before meets we sometimes have team pasta parties and eat a ton of pastas,” junior Alex Knight said.

Carbohydrates are great for runners because it gives them a ton of energy. Carbs help improve endurance, speed, energy and alertness before a race. It also allows athletes to train harder on their running. Having carbs (pasta) before competitions are great because it gives them extra energy and strengthens their muscles which will help them to run longer and faster.

“I usually eat something light right before each race, so I don’t run on a full stomach,” junior Alex Besson said.

Eating something right before a race gives runners a quick boost in energy which will help them in the race. Eating the pasta dinner the night before with a little snack right before the race will increase performance in all racers to be the best.