Movie review: ‘Death to 2021’

As the new year has a humble beginning, viewers can reflect on the havoc 2021 left through this comedic retrospective film.


“Death to 2021” is available on the popular streaming service, Netflix.

The new movie “Death to 2021” came out on Dec. 27, 2021, on Netflix for viewers to enjoy. The film is classified as a “mockumentary,”, or a comedic retrospective film, meaning a documentary recap of 2021 with a comedic twist. It is the second film Netflix has released after “Death to 2020.”

The movie reminisces on 2021 with varying topics such as storming the capital, COVID-19, climate crisis, entertainment and more. As it is a mockumentary, one must be able to take a joke to watch and enjoy the film; it contains factual material but is also satire that many people may find offensive. Some very controversial topics left the world fuming; it fueled the “Us vs. Them” with COVID-19 and masks. The film itself was also slightly depressing because it makes one feel like the world is crashing down on them, and, in a sense, it faintly is. That can leave a feeling of helplessness. It takes more than one person to make a difference. 

The movie often consists of political bashing. I am not easily offended as I laughed at jokes on both sides of the political spectrum. I believe the movie was supposed to be made for everyone, but people will or will not enjoy it based on their opinions. The film is controversial and may offend others because one of the main topics is politics. The political topics range, but most are jokes directed towards former president Donald Trump. The movie jokes about people with COVID-19 and the concept that masks are death traps for children. The film also shines a light on social media influencers and the human race no longer feeling alive without their phones. 

I would highly recommend the film; it has the right combination of information, humor, sarcasm and satire. It also fills you with reflection on the year the world had. It is an amusing way to kick off the New Year while remembering the previous one. After watching this film, it inspired me to make the next year better than 2021, hoping to see the world turn around and begin to fix the mistakes we made.