Movie Review: The Call Of The Wild

Jack London’s book, Call of the wild, has come to life in the new film, Call of the Wild. This movie brings sadness, happiness, and just joyful moments, this movie has it all, and it looks to be one of the best films yet in 2020.

Patrick Sheehan

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Courtesy of IMDB

In the newest film of the year The Call of The Wild is looking to be one of the top films to be released in 2020, as it is full of happiness, joy, sadness, and just straight up funny and fun parts.

Jack London’s book, “Call of the Wild” was released over a hundred years ago in 1903. Jack London never got to see his legendary novel turned into a film due to the fact that he died in the year 1916. So now in 2020, director Chris Sanders has brought this legendary novel to life. With the awesome acting of Harrison Ford and the amazing CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) work of Buck. This might be one of the best films to be released in 2020.

The film begins with Buck, a very privileged house dog who has never had to work for anything. He was a mess up in the household as he was big, strong and very loud. He was then taken by dognappers to be sold in the Yukon. In the Yukon he was used as a sled dog for a mail delivery service. There he learned to work hard, gain strength, endurance and leadership. He eventually became the best sled dog and earned the leadership role. Right after he became the head dog, the mail service was discontinued and no longer needed. 

Then we meet John Thorton (Harrison Ford). Thorton saves Buck’s life from being taken by other people but is forced to leave Buck’s pack behind. Thorton, who is the town drunk, decides to take Buck on an adventure to uncharted territory. After a long journey they reach a cabin near a river full of gold. Meanwhile, Buck has become leader of a timberwolf tribe and is prepared to leave Thorton. Then a man looking to take the gold for himself shoots and kills Thorton, leading Buck to kill the enemy. While Thorton dies, Buck returns to his timberwolf tribe and lives out the rest of his life with his new family. 

I thought this movie well represented Jack London’s novel and it was a very enjoyable movie from start to finish. This was a film that was full of happiness, sadness, and just all around fun. This film is what I believe to be one of the best released so far this year and I think that this movie is a movie for all ages. If I were to rate this movie out of 10, I would rate it an 8.1/10 just due to the overall enjoyment throughout the movie.