New Hampshire Primary Results Are In

Sanders, Trump emerge victorious after losses in Iowa.

Lauryn Hugener

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After the Iowa caucuses, which took place Feb. 9, the New Hampshire primary took the next step in the 2016 election process. The primary narrows the margin of potential presidential candidates for each party.

Despite former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton taking the win in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton only gained 38 percent of the Democratic votes in New Hampshire this week. Being from Vermont, New Hampshire’s neighbor, senator Bernie Sanders pulled an expected win in the primary, earning 60.4 percent of the Democratic votes.

On the Republican side, winning candidate Donald Trump took a presumable 35.3 percent of votes. Following Trump, Ohio governor John Kasich gained 15.8 percent of votes with senator Ted Cruz close behind at 11.7 percent, despite a win in Iowa.

Kasich pulled a surprising second place in New Hampshire, as Cruz or Republican senator Marco Rubio expected to take Kasich’s position.

The next opportunity for Americans to vote will be at the Nevada Democratic caucuses on Feb. 20.