Review: La La Land

*SPOILERS* 2016’s last colorful and exciting new film will be known as a classic from the year.

“La La Land,” released on Dec. 9, 2016, depicts the journey of a young college-dropout couple attempting to make it in the entertainment business in Los Angeles, California.

Although the two stars of the film, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, are not typically singers, the two add a chemistry to the film that is achieved through singing and dancing numbers. The chemistry also forms a basis for the plot. However, the element that stuck out the most was the use of color. Emma Stone, who plays Mia, is often seen wearing primary-colored dresses, which represents her view of life: outgoing, brave and positive.

Her boyfriend throughout the film, Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) is the opposite: he is more clear-cut and a realist, who is often seen wearing white or brown. The scenes in which the two are happiest are paired with a multicolored sunset, representing their happiness, whereas the scenes in which they are arguing often take place at night or in a dark room. The tranquility of color signifies their times of peace or middle-ground. The use of color does not go unnoticed by the audience.

Furthermore, the movie starts with a dancing scene on a highway, which is again, accompanied by bright colors. The frequent dancing in the film brings about pizazz and also provides a musical-esque feel, which makes it more interesting than a typical love film.

Overall, the movie ends (spoiler alert) with the two main characters not ending up together, but both achieve their end career goal in life. Admittedly, seeing them move on is disappointing, but also strays away from again, a typical love film–which is refreshing. The characters end up falling in love with their passions and pursuing them instead of falling in love with each other.