Bombs and Scares

Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Grab some popcorn and turn off your phone.

Lately, the movie industry has been releasing new movies, with the common genres of action and horror. What is it about action and horror movies that make them so popular to not only the industry, but to the public? There are many movie genres out there. However, now that the movie industry is producing largely action and horror, it begins to limit the options on what films to go see at the movie theatre.

“I like seeing horror movies more because the plot is more interesting than a love story,” senior Emily Olson said.

What seems to make horror and action movies so popular to the public is the feeling one may get when watching a particular film, like the intense frame of mind when watching an action film or the sudden rush from a horror film. Many people like to seek the fear of something, so they pursue situations that trigger this fear.

“It gives people fear and adrenaline in a healthy way,” Olson said. “I like it because it gives you an adrenaline rush without you doing something scary.”

The movie industry has also been releasing sequels. The genres of action and horror seems like the movies tend to have a series that continues with the story the industry is trying to tell.

“The biggest outbreak recently was with Star Wars,” Antioch Theatre employee and junior Jake White said. “A movie like that would be taken seriously to insure that the great series of Star Wars goes on to be remembered.”

When watching horror and action films, it is chilling to see the characters in certain situations they are in on screen. That feeling then turns into relief, realizing as a viewer that you are not in the same situation as the character. Movie producers tend to film negative situations because not many have actually been through these negative events. If the movie is exceptional, it is easy to feel like one is witnessing the pain and excitement first hand. Still, there is more to the movie than just the entertainment aspect.

“It is good to see the dark side of life.” Olson said. “It is good to have some negative in your life while everything is always positive.”

Some Sequoits love seeking the thrill and adrenaline rush of action and horror movies. Teenagers now go out to the movie theatres whether they are on a date or just an activity to do with friends, they go to see a movie, and most likely see either horror or action or sometimes a mix of both horror and action movies.

“I personally prefer a mix between the two, but I prefer the trend of action,” White said.

The industry itself seems to be creating films that entertains the public, the industry keeps producing new movies based on the two specific types of genre. The sudden rise in action and horror films interests the public, showing what they should expect from the new movie, whether it be bombs or scares.