New Safety Protocols Enhanced at ACHS

ACHS safety standards are rising and with that new devices need to be purchased.


Reagan Brewer

New doors are emplaced at the ACHS main entrance. The doors are placed in order to ensure the safety of ACHS students.

This year Antioch Community High School has made numerous changes to their faculty, standards and the building itself for the safety of the students and faculty.

At the beginning of the 19-20 school year, ACHS announced that construction on the main entrance of the building would soon start. One of the main reasons for the change in the front entrance of ACHS was for safety purposes.

Although the recent extension to the school was put up to increase how safe ACHS is, some students think that it was a waste of money.

“I think that it is safer but I feel like we could put our money towards other things,” sophomore Jordan Mitchell said. “We already have security guards that do their jobs.” 

Students have mixed feelings on the concept of security and safety throughout the school. Some find the new advancements and added doorways as a waste of money, while some students see them as a necessity. 

“The purchase [of the doors] is not the best decision that was made,” freshman Mollie Tubbs said. “I do not see the point, I feel like they are just there for decoration.”

The faculty at ACHS is working on improving the school security day by day. With that comes money making decisions and are then decided which purchases to be made. Security is a big worry within American school systems. ACHS particularly is trying to provide new systems and precautions that can help safety measures increase.