ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A Cross-Cultural Experience

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A Cross-Cultural Experience

While men and women are evidently different by looks, they are also different in the culture that they live within. Men have always seemed to be looked at as more superior than women. Men were the protectors, and women were the nurturers. Even though male superiority is seemingly strong, it doesn’t have to be.

“I don’t believe that men should be superior,” junior Zach Grindley said. “I believe women and men should both have equal rights and the availability to the same resources. Male superiority gives men a big advantage in the workforce and the role men play in the world.”

Not only do men feed into the idea of male superiority, but sometimes women do, too. Women may not stand up to others and do what they’re told without fighting back.

“Women get paid less than men because women don’t negotiate with their bosses for more money when they start a job, and they don’t negotiate with their bosses for a raise,” social studies teacher Amy Skonberg said.

While men and women are clearly different in many ways, they can still help one another out. Rather than fighting against each other, they should fight together and team up in order to be stronger in all aspects of life.

“Women are good at building relationships and communicating,” Skonberg said. “Men are better at risk taking and being daring and women need to be those things. You have to approach each other from a position of respect and understanding.”

Culture and society are oftentimes the reason that there are differences between the two genders; however, it is how one handles those issues that leads them to equality

“The cultural differences between the two allow men to be more superior to women since they get an advantage,” Grindley said.

While males and females of this world are different, they both have the potential to be the next big thing. Every man and every woman could eventually become something larger than themselves, the only thing that may ever stop them is each other.

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