Perfect Study Playlists

A collection of some of the best playlists to help one get through hours of studying.


Students are constantly stressed out about studying for a big test, finishing a big project, or even just doing daily homework. Music can help calm all of those nerves and keep students focused while completing school work. One should try putting on those headphones, popping in the ear buds, or plugging in the speaker the next time they find themselves trying to finish all of their work in one night. Music choice for studying can be tricky considering students don’t want to get distracted by hit songs that can’t go without some added harmony. Luckily, there are playlists created for this exact scenario; here are some favorites.

“I love listening to music while I study because it helps me focus,” junior Grace Weber said.

“Acoustic Covers” on Spotify is a favorite because of its calming, yet catchy song choices sang and covered by various artists. Some of the songs on this playlist include ‘Cherry Wine” by Overcoats, “Little Talks” by Julia Sheer and “Drag Me Down/As Long As You Love Me” by the Gardiner Sisters.

Another classic is “Relax and Unwind” which also includes lots of chill and calming songs by various artists. Some of the songs on this playlist include “All The Pretty Girls” by Kaleo, “Even The Darkness Has Arms” by the Barr Brothers and “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron.

A favorite for ‘feel good’ vibes is “Be Happy.” This Spotify playlist is full of oldies and newbies that are all upbeat and catchy. This is the perfect playlist to boost one’s mood after hours of studying. Some of the songs include “Sit Next To Me” by Foster People, “Las Vegas” by The Magician and “Havana” by Pentatonix.

Lastly, a new personal favorite is “This is Anthem Lights.” Anthem lights is a group that does covers and mashups of a plethora of artists and genres. This playlist can get one through the long school day or even just a boring car ride home. Some of the songs include “Just Be You” by Anthem Lights ft. Sadie Robertson, “Best of 2016 Mashup” by Anthem Lights and “Isn’t She Lovely” by Anthem Lights.