Pop Goes the Sequoit: Kaitlyn Bargamian

A series of questions was asked to Kaitlyn’s teammate, coach and best friend to see who knows her best.

Question Kaitlyn Bargamian [Player] Graci Leineberg [Teammate] Hunter Klotter [Friend] Amber Babin [Coach]
What is your favorite fast food place? Chipotle Culver’s McDonald’s Culver’s
What do you like to do in your free time? Hangout with friends and watch youtube Hangout with friends Hangout with friends Hangout with friends
Apple or Android? Apple Apple Apple Apple
How old were you when you started cheer 9 6 7 Kindergarten
Favorite cheer flip? Standing full Arabian Standing full Standing tuck
Flip flops or Mandals? Mandals Sandals Flip flops Flip flops
Dunkin or Starbucks? Dunkin’ Donuts Starbucks Starbucks Dunkin’ Donuts
Favorite clothing brand? Nike or Lululemon American Eagle Pink Nike
Car you want in the future? Jeep Jeep Range Rover Jeep
Decade you wish you could go back too? 90’s 70’s 90’s 90’s
Straight or Curly hair? Straightened Straight Curly Curly
What’s your favorite color? Grey and Blue Grey Pink or Yellow Teal
Computer or Ipad Computer Computer Computer iPad
Who is your idol? Athan Kaliakmanis Graci Leineberg Carrie Underwood Her mom