Tumbling into the WWE ring

Cheerleading star Gabi Butler signs a WWE contract.

In the cheer world, Gabi Butler is a well-known name. Even before starring in the Netflix docuseries, Cheer, Butler rose to popularity after being on the all-star cheer teams TopGun TGLC and The California Allstars Smoed from a young age. Her talent between tumbling, stunting, and her overall performance has inspired cheerleaders of all ages and has led her to cheer at Navarro Community College for two years. During Butler’s time at Navarro, she took on a new hobby of wrestling.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Butler explained how going to SummerSlam in Nashville, Butler fell in love with the sport. WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon taught her wrestling culture which heavily influenced Butler’s interest in the sport.

SummerSlam is a professional live-streaming event hosted by WWE that Butler attended. After going to this sporting event, Butler learned the culture of wrestling and ways that it could possibly be a perfect fit for her future.

In the same interview, she also explained how cheer and wrestling are both sports that are for entertainment, yet involve athleticism.
Cheerleading and wrestling are not only sports for entertainment, however, they are also very physically and mentally demanding. To be successful in cheerleading one must have grit and be willing to put in the hard work to get the perfect end result. In cheerleading to be a flyer (such as Butler) requires one to be small, flexible, and toned which are also key traits to be successful in the wrestling ring.

In an interview with Franklin Steele Butler explains how she did not realize the determination that this sport took and how eye-opening SummerSlam was for her.

“I think that it is inspiring that Gabi is trying something new and can help cheerleaders branch out from their normal sport,” sophomore Caile Painter said.

Since Butler is used to a very competitive sport and has had successful outcomes, moving into the sport of professional wrestling opens a new world of possibilities for the 24-year-old and also helps motivate generations after her.