Please don’t stop the music

Rihanna took the stage at Super Bowl 57 with a performance like no other.



Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl halftime show

The halftime show at the Super Bowl is always looked forward to by many. This year, the show was the third most-watched halftime performance in history, with 118.7 million viewers. Making sure the audience is pleased when the performer leaves the stage is a huge deal. Considering the Tik Tok trend that was made for placing predictions on Rihanna’s setlist, the performance had more viewers than the actual football game.

Senior Kelsie MacMillan was hoping Rihanna would open with a song from her album Good Girl Gone Bad or a different nostalgic song.

“I was not surprised that she opened with the song she did,” MacMillan said. “It made for a 10 out of 10 entrance and surprised everyone.”

MacMillan’s opinion was validated by another student at Antioch Community High School. Senior Mackenzie Carley believes that Rihanna made a great entrance and was really strategic with her setlist.

“A lot of people were complaining [Rihanna] did not play some of her biggest hits,” Carley said. “When people did not hear her sing the songs they wanted, they had to search for her on [a music platform] to listen to [the song]. Maybe this was her intention to make more money.”

Carley is a new Rihanna fan after her Super Bowl performance. The trait that caught Carley’s attention was the fact that Rihanna used the Super Bowl as an opportunity for her pregnancy announcement.

“By announcing her pregnancy in her performance, [Rihanna] showed that you could be a mother and have a solid career at the same time,” Carley said.
Senior Montgomery Quinlan also reflects on Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement in front of 118.7 million people as being extra special. Quinlan has listened to Rihanna since his childhood because of how influential she is.

“The Super Bowl is one of the nation’s biggest gatherings and [Rihanna] is one of the most well-known artists,” Quinlan said. “I think it was super cool she told everyone through one of the biggest stages.”

Following Rihanna’s show, Quinlan, Carley and MacMillan are all on a Rihanna kick. Rihanna has made many listeners rediscover her music and drawn in many new listeners. The way she drew in the crowd with the setlist and her pregnancy, made Superbowl 57 halftimes show one to remember.