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Schneider’s sophomore season on the sidelines

Antioch Community High School sophomore, Morgan Schneider, faces a significant injury right as soccer season begins.
Hannah Barczak
Sophomore Morgan Schneider at Media day.

 Waiting throughout the school year for their sports season to begin is what some athletes strive for; especially ACHS sophomore Morgan Schneider. Coming off of a fall sports season that was cut short for the star athlete, she was looking forward to being a part of a strong team dynamic again. 

Schneider recently moved to Antioch just shy of the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, when she began her “fresh start” and quickly adapted to becoming one of the few freshmen to make the coveted girls varsity soccer team. Prior to transferring to ACHS, she had 12 years of soccer experience under her belt. Most of which were playing for a travel team for eight years along with a recreational team for five years. Throughout her first soccer season at ACHS, she made an immense impact by being the only freshman starter along with being an inspiration to her fellow teammates despite her young age, since she had immaculate skill and grit. 

However, that quickly changed right after the 2023-24 tryout evaluation process when Schneider found out that she had a double lumbar fracture throughout her spine.  

This injury has been devastating for Schneider as the rest of participating this season is unknown, however, she is making the best of the unfortunate circumstances.

Morgan still comes to all of our practices and games and creates a fun environment,” senior Vera Fogel said. “She acts as our manager, so she and our other managers will shag balls and help our team in the ways they can.”

While having a radiantly positive attitude off the field, Schneider is working to set herself up for success next season. 

“I do everything that I can every day to improve my back and my mindset, I use heating pads, ice, rest, and I try to be as careful as possible,” Schneider said. “Mentally, I try to keep a super positive mindset with all this. It’s extremely hard as there is nothing I can do to get back on the field sooner which makes it a challenge to be positive.”

Maintaining the determination to help cure an injury is something a significant amount of athletes do not have. This has proven how remarkable of an athlete Schneider is and what a lasting effect she will have on the ACHS soccer program. Stay tuned for Schneider’s fresh start after beating her injury.

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Scarlett Goodluck
Scarlett Goodluck, Tom Tom Staff
Scarlett Goodluck is a senior and has been on staff for four years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and being on the lake. She is looking forward to strengthening her writing skills to help impact the program.
Hannah Barczak
Hannah Barczak, Visual Director
Hannah Barczak is a senior this is her fourth year on staff as well as her second year as the Visual Director on the Executive Board of the Tom Tom.  Along with her interest in media, this will be her fourth year as an ACHS cheerleader. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, taking pictures, and traveling during her free time. Barczak is excited to make the most of her senior year.
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