Panthers Dominate The Sequoits 4-1

The Sequoits girls soccer team fell to Round Lake 4-1.

On a cold and rainy Monday night, the girls varsity soccer team took on the Round Lake Panthers at home.

Coming out in the first half, the Sequoits weren’t playing as aggressive and couldn’t match the Panthers energy. Antioch made costly mistakes which led them to be defeated by Round Lake, 4-1. Referees calls that didn’t go in the Sequoits way started a lot of chaos in between the two teams. The girls let the calls get into their head and affect their play.

“It was a very physical game,” sophomore Kaitlyn Holmes said. “They would be physical with us and instead of letting it go, we started being physical with them.”

The Sequoits goal was scored by junior Sarah Smith. The team struggled with the panthers defense and were unable to get open shots.

“We played better in the second half,” Holmes said. “We started to communicate more.”

Although the score wasn’t what the Sequoits wanted it to be, they played as a unit. 

“I feel like we kept an open attitude,” sophomore Allyson Pierce said. “We stayed positive and tried to learn from our mistakes.”

The girls next game is against Grayslake North on May 1. The team is looking for a much needed win against the Knights.