Shadowing Professional Athletes in ACHS

Young athletes often look up to the professionals on TV. At ACHS, many student athletes use this as their motivation


Ethan Holmes

Micheal Jordan and the National Basketball Association are popular role models for young kids.

Many young athletes watch and follow professional athletes throughout their season. Most athletes follow one particular athlete and adapt their mannerisms and strategies within that sport. Having a professional athlete to look up to can influence an athlete’s game immensely.


For senior baseball and soccer player Aidan Trusky, Chicago Cubs first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, is his role model, on and off the field.


“He leads the team with character and in standout play,” Trusky said. “Because of it, I try to stay positive on the field and work hard off of it.”


Many athletes adapt to their idol’s attitudes and mindsets. This may affect the way they feel about the game, whether it be good or bad. Some athletes also tend to embody leadership qualities when they follow in the steps of an older player. When a young athlete can make a connection to a professional athlete, it makes them strive for bigger goals, they may have never imagined having. 


“I look up to [Justin Jones] Watt,” junior Paul Adams said. “I look up to him because of how hard he works to perfect his craft and his effort on the field. I’m motivated to be like him because he is local to our area and he has a great story. I would like to be like him because he grinded his way to the National Football League.”


Professional athletes often are role models athletes look up to; sophomore Desirae Witting-Gildea looks up to Micheal Jordan, as he is a role model for both, the younger and older generation.


“I think having someone to look up to creates a new world of goals and successes you never knew you could have,” Gildea said. “It is nice knowing that even though you don’t know them personally, you always have someone and something to look up to.”


Those who need extra motivation to meet their goals have professional athletes paving the way for the younger generation of athletes.