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Illegal Substances Ruin Student Athletes Careers

Throughout high school, people begin to experiment with illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc. Some of these students are athletes and have a higher consequence of being caught.
Gavin Calabrese
Some athletes have gotten caught with drugs and alcohol if they go to parties.

High school is known as a time for young people to experiment. Unfortunately, many of these experiments are illegal and are targeted at high school kids. 


Not only do they target high school students, but student-athletes. There are consequences to every rule broken in sports, but this is one to a bigger extent. A lot of students are well aware of the consequences and understand the consequences they will have to deal with. 


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“As a high school student, it makes sense for people just to want to have fun despite the consequences,” junior Rex Eifert said. “However, high school sports definitely help discipline athletes to focus on other things than drugs.”


Other people, on the other hand, were never aware of their consequences but still believe in not participating in any illegal activities. They also believe the consequences are fair. 


“I was never told about the consequences but I believe you get suspended from the sport,” senior Maiah Moll said. “We are only in high school and I know a lot of students are experimenting with new things and they don’t think they will get in trouble. I believe the consequences are good, if you get caught doing drugs being suspended from the sport is good and within reason.”


However, for some they believe the consequences should be higher and more should be at stake because they knew the risks and still proceeded with their actions. 


“I think the consequence of doing drugs as an athlete should be a suspension from at least eight games and all practices until then,” sophomore Syerra Gilmore said. “Also, mandatory drug tests for the rest of the season.”


Throughout her years of high school and travel softball, Gilmore has not experienced being drug tested herself but knows the risks of getting involved with drugs. Gilmore knows, through softball, that doing any drugs is not an option. 


“High school sports make it more aware to athletes that there are consequences,” Gilmore said. “For some people, getting a suspension isn’t a big deal, but for athletes, you’re getting your games and practices taken away. You’re getting the things you enjoy doing taken away.”


Sports are a way for students and teenagers to have an outlet they can vent to through participation. Having one reckless night and losing their sport is an incentive for staying on the right path. Through knowing the consequences and the threat of losing the sport they love, most athletes avoid engaging in illegal activity. 

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Gavin Calabrese
Gavin Calabrese, Tom Tom Staff
Gavin Calabrese is a sophomore and his first year on the Tom Tom staff. Gavin loves to play football, wrestle, and run track.
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