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Swinging for success

The Antioch Community High School softball team prepares for a successful season and hopes to win their first state title.
Jade Nguyen
ACHS varsity softball aims to take the state championship in 2024.

Antioch girls softball is known for their incredible skill and past successes. Last year, the team took second at the state championship after playing a 12-inning game. This is now known as the longest state championship game in IHSA history. As the team looks for a redemption season they start by creating a foundation with quality goals. 

Head Softball Coach Anthony Rocco has been coaching at the high school level for eighteen years, 13 of those years being at Antioch.

 “Setting our team goals at the start of the season is key,” Rocco said. “For the last two years, we have handed out binders to each varsity player. On the cover is the map of Illinois with the path connecting Antioch to Peoria where the state championship is held. Everything we do at practices, games and in the classroom focuses on winning a state championship.” 

 Setting goals and focusing to improve on the 2023 season, also comes with setbacks after losing two offensive weapons, Eden Echevarria (Wisconsin) and Emily Brecht (UIC). These two ACHS alumni were vital to how the 2023 season played out. 

Varsity athlete Claire Schuyler believes that her team is capable of filling the gaps that were left behind after losing a few strong players last season. She is focused on working hard each day and motivating her team to do the same. 

“We need to work on our offense as a team because I feel with a bunch of seniors leaving we are losing many of our hitters,” Schuyler said. “I think if we work this season we could win state.” 

 Losing seniors who anchored the team last season will make it tough to fill their place, however, this will only push the girls even harder and make their teamwork stronger.

 With the ongoing achievements and Incredible work ethic throughout the past seasons, it is clear that the team’s next step in the progression is winning the state title. The commitment and dedication we see our athletes putting forth on the field to represent our school is remarkable and will make this year’s softball season something to look forward to. 

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Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen, Tom Tom Staff
Jade Nguyen is a junior at ACHS and this is her second year on the Tom Tom staff. In Nguyen's free time, she loves to hang out with friends, play volleyball and go shopping. She is excited for the next two years to come.
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