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Review: Doctor Sleep

this Stephen King adaptation delivers on scares, thrill and its continuation of the shining saga.

The movie Doctor Sleep recently came out on November 8th, 2019 and is in the genre of a horror movie directed by Mike Flanagan. After a prologue that introduces the main character, Danny Torrance. He is trying to figuring out how to control his powers and capturing the ghosts that haunt him. Dan is the other main character that basically uses alcohol for his trauma and steals money from his mother. Dan wanted to try and better himself so he jumped on a bus that took him to New Hampshire. 

Before he got a new job in New Hampshire, he starts to realize that his shining powers allow him to help people on the edge of death crossover. The shining power is a way of telepathy and a way to communicate with others using the mind. Flanagan shows his empathetic and emotional sides through these types of scenes.

Continuing to struggle with alcoholism after his mother’s death, Torrance remains traumatized by the sinister events that occured at his old hotel room when he was a child. He has always been hoping for peace but that soon becomes broken when he meets Abra, a teen who shares his same gift of the “shine”. The power that both of them share form an alliance to fight the “True Knot”, which is a cult that feeds off their power.

The True Knot is a group of phycos that are best at manipulating people and stealing their power. True Knot knows of Abras’s existence and wants to kidnap her and keep her alive, so that her powers weaken.  The members of True Knot can be killed so Dan and Abra both have to work together in order to save others and themselves. 

The new Stephen King movie tries to reconcile three different movies and is based on a novel. Doctor Sleep is supposed to be the sequel of both versions of The Shining, mashing up scenes from the films to make one.

Overall, the movie connects with another movie called The Shining. Doctor Sleep is almost like a new version of The Shining that follows the same plot. Doctor Sleep is a good movie for the ones that enjoy horror and thriller movies. It always kept one on the edge of their seat and is definitely a movie to see.

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