REVIEW: The Sweet Taste

Lovin Oven Cakery finds new home among the Antioch community.


Lovin Oven Cakery recently expanded their business to the town of Antioch, and has left a great first impression for community members and ACHS students and staff alike. Many people are excited to have a bakery nearby that offers any sweet tooth desires.

Sophomore Lily Highley believes that the working environment also plays a role in positive feedback.  

“I always have good experiences when going there and everyone is always helpful and kind to me when I need help,” Highly said. “It’s not just the good food that makes a place good, it’s the people, and they definitely have all great people.”

If one has gone yet, they could definitely say that it’s a work in process when deciding what to get; therefore listed below is the perfect guide to exceed one’s cravings.

Sugar cookies are great to share with any classmates, teachers, or family members that need a special treat. Designs on the cookies are changed upon celebrations, events or holidays that are occurring.

Cakes or cupcakes flavors include red velvet, marble, chocolate, white, and more specialty styles. They also include a number of different fillings: fresh strawberry, fresh banana, lemon, and others. Although, Lovin Oven is known for their buttercream frosting, they have others to choose from: chocolate fudge, cream cheese and mousse whipped cream.

Mini pastries meet anyone’s taste buds, and the amount of desserts that they have are never ending, including brownies, coffee cakes, muffins, butter cookies, pies, donuts and so many other delicious options.  

Walking into the new Lovin Oven won’t be a disappointment as dessert land lays within footsteps away.