Sarahah: Hurting or Helping?

The new anonymous app has many teens questioning the purpose.

A new app, Sarahah, has caught the attention of teens everywhere. It can be used to send out anonymous messages to anyone who has an account or posts a link to their page. Since it is anonymous, people won’t know who sent the message. However, some misunderstand the purpose of the app. This anonymity can be an easy access to cowardly cyber bullying.


According to the app description in the App Store, the app “helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback.”


Sophomore Emily Pedersen enjoys the app because of the positive effects that can help you improve your pride.


“I like it because I get to find out people’s opinions on me,” Pedersen said. “It gives me a confidence boost when people say nice and kind things about me.”


That may seem like a harmless thing, but on the other hand, sophomore Stephanie Feltner does not understand the popularity of the self esteem-crushing app.


“I think it’s stupid, if you want to know what someone thinks about you, ask them,” Feltner said. “What’s the point in doing an anonymous opinion if they always say ‘hit me up with who you are’?”


Like Feltner, in some cases people will ask others to post a comment on their page, and once they see an answer that catches their attention, they may ask who the sender was on a social media platform like Snapchat.


Mixed opinions still occur when this app pops up in conversation, but at this rate, it seems the app will be around for quite some time.