Saving Elephants One Shirt at a Time

The popular clothing brand Ivory Ella has raised over one million dollars for the non-profit organization Save the Elephants.

Ivory Ella is a unique merchandise brand that supports elephants through its profits.

Allison Smith

Ivory Ella is a unique merchandise brand that supports elephants through its profits.

Save the Elephants raises money to help conduct research on the behavior of elephants. Recently, they have been basing their research on finding the leading causes of extinction for these animals. Save the Elephants partners with 37 other organizations, hoping to stop the killing of elephants for their ivory.

“It is extremely disrespectful to the animals,” senior Sam Lahti said. “They are beginning to go extinct because of people killing the elephants.”

Ivory Ella was created in 2015 by five young entrepreneurs with one goal: to help save the elephants. They started with their most popular item, the long sleeve pocket t-shirt. Rapidly, with the help of campaigning over social media, the company skyrocketed, creating buzz all across America. Today, just under two years after Ivory Ella was created, they have raised over one million dollars to help the elephants.

Ivory Ella donates 10% of their profits to Save the Elephants. Because they enjoy working with charities, the organization is constantly doing projects to help save other animals such as lions and to raise awareness for breast cancer. Along with donating to Save the Elephants, Ivory Ella has given to charities like Toys for Tots, Home for Troops, American Heart Association and many more.

Now that Ivory Ella is such a popular brand, they have expanded their inventory to other types of clothing. Ivory Ella now offers sweatpants, pajamas, jewelry, heavy coats, and water bottles. Their classic pocket long sleeve shirt costs $32, $3.20 of which goes to Save the Elephants.

“The quality of clothing is great,” senior Morgan Balleza said. “Most importantly, though, they sell clothing for such a great cause.”

In the future, Ivory Ella wishes to continue donating to raise awareness for elephants. This is just the beginning for Ivory Ella, and is just the beginning to saving elephants for good.