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SBN enters “Into Spaceland”

The Sequoit Broadcast Networks prepares to release “Into Spaceland.”

Brace yourself as the Sequoit Broadcast Network (SBN) prepares to blow minds with the release of Callaway Maar’s short film “Into Spaceland.” Coming hot off the release of “Professional Hater” by Tristan Kuechle and following the release of “Nightranger” by Kellen Brawner, Maar hopes to continue improving the quality of projects and plans for SBN’s biggest project yet. 

“Into Spaceland” follows Aaron (Justin Crow), the all-American athlete; Darius (Kellen Brawner), a stereotypical slacker; Vanessa (Mason Lobodzinski), the popular student; Edward (Quentin Gueffier), the nerd; Jamie (Riley Hughes) the final girl, and Phillip VanDorton, the film director. 

Phillip VanDorton was a famous horror movie director in the 1970s, but now, the current generation no longer finds his movies scary. In an attempt to regain his old fame and glory, VanDorton creates a mysterious new film titled “Into Spaceland” to top his previous films with a cast full of stereotypical high schoolers. 

Senior Justin Crow on the set of “Into Spaceland” (Tyler Miller)

All the students joined the film’s cast to impress their parents and to try to make it big. However, once they arrive, the film is different from what they expected it to be. 

“Into Spaceland” plans to surpass the Sequoit Broadcast Network’s previous installments as it is looking to be the most detailed short film ever released on the network. “Into Spaceland” is intended to be the first of a five-part series. 

The short film was filmed in the heart of Antioch, inside the Antioch Theatre, and throughout the Main Street area. This project will also be the first to include some CGI scenes, a new technique that director Callaway Maar is implementing. 

This is executive producer Maar’s second personal project this school year. After spending the first half of school focusing on acting, editing, and overseeing other projects, Maar has shifted his time to what he believes will be the biggest project of the year. 

“We have taken the film level of SBN to the next level and I can’t wait to do more creative things for the class and see where it takes us,” Maar said. 

Be sure to look out for “Into Spaceland” on the Sequoit Broadcast Network YouTube channel at the end of March.

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