Seahawks Pass Up the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots beat Seattle Sea Hawks in the 49th Super Bowl.

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Seahawks Pass Up the Super Bowl

A life changing interception by Malcolm Butler led the Patriots to being crowned champions of the the 49th Super Bowl.

The 2015 Super Bowl took place on Sunday, Feb. 1, as last year’s champions, the Seattle Seahawks took on the New England Patriots.

New England managed to get the first touchdown, but Seattle came back by the end of the first half and the score was tied 14-14.

However after Katy Perry’s halftime show, Seattle kicked a field goal to give them their first lead. Next, Bobby Wagner intercepted Tom Brady’s pass that led to Russell Wilson’s touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. Seahawks were up 24-14.

However, in the 4th quarter, Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes to gain the lead for the Patriots, making it 28-24. However, Seattle was not going down without a fight.

After a successful 31-yard Seattle pass to Lynch and a few passes later, the end zone was only one yard away. On the goal line with 20 seconds left, it seemed like a guaranteed win for the Seattle Seahawks.

It seemed perfect for the Seahawks. With only one yard and 30 seconds stood between Seattle and a Super Bowl Championship, Rookie Malcolm Butler for the Patriots made the biggest and most important play of his career. Seattle threw the ball and it was intercepted by Butler declaring the New England Patriots champions.