Sequoit Bowlers Aim for Success

The Sequoit bowling team is determined to make their season great.


With last years bowling season leaving a bittersweet taste in the player’s mouth, they are more determined and are striving for greatness to make this season the best Antioch has ever seen.

“We did okay last year, we didn’t go to sectionals like we wanted to; but this year, we want to get to sectionals and even state,” junior Samantha Knab said.

With a disappointing end to last season, Knab and the team want to reach to new levels that the bowling team has never hit before. Also, with try-outs just ending, Knab was happy to see a lot of new faces join the team.

“Although we didn’t have as many returning players, we are looking forward to growing our team because we had a lot of freshman try out this year, and hopefully they will help grow the program,” Knab said.

In excitement of new athletes joining the team, the Sequoits are eager to start the season on a high note as they look to dominate in conference matches. 

The bowling team’s first match is November 26, 9am at Sunset Bowl.