Sequoit Pride Offers a Helping Hand

ACHS spirit shop helps Sequoit Pride and many more.


Matthew Farrel

One of the premier fundraising organizations at Antioch Community High School, Sequoit Pride is a parent and community member run group that raises money for school events. Sequoit Pride runs the ACHS spirit shop, organizes auctions, student breakfasts, teacher luncheons, senior portraits, the annual kick-off night scrimmage games for fall sports, sells memberships and provides students and community members with ACHS yard signs.

Parent of ACHS freshman John Kasbohm, Linda Kasbohm is a first-year member of Sequoit Pride. “I have been helping out with the Pride shop… we raise money for the students through the booster club as well. I come in and work in the Spirit shop every Monday for the year to just come in here and help out and see what’s going on and be more involved in my son’s high school experience,” Kasbohm said.

The money that is raised by Sequoit Pride is used for various student organizations and events, such as student trips and field trips, purchasing of equipment for classes and Sequoit Pride also donated $10,000 towards the renovation of the football stadium this past spring.

Sequoit Pride is a generous organization made up of dedicated parents and Antioch community members that are committed to making ACHS students get the most and best possible experience out of their four years in high school.