Sequoit Senate sells candygrams for local charity

Candygrams will be sold during lunch hours by Sequoit Senate members in the commons and cafeteria.


Sofia Tinker

Sequoit Senate members, senior Emma Kolloff, Paola Perez and Fiona Serfiov selling candygrams in the commons.

Sequoit Senate is selling candygrams; caramel apple pops during lunch hours on Nov. 15 and 16 in the commons and cafeteria. These sweet treats are available to buy for $1, either Venmo or cash, and will be delivered the week before Sequoits head off for Thanksgiving break.

The idea of candygrams is that someone will purchase this gift of kindness, from a Sequoit Senate member, and they can be sent to whoever that individual writes the candygram out for, friends, significant others or even teachers and staff members.

Candygrams are usually sold during Valentine’s Day, but Sequoit Senate is bringing them back early during the fall to thank those closest to us. 

All money will be donated to a local charity chosen by Sequoit Senate members.