Sequoits Dominate the Panthers

The varsity baseball team's hard work during their practices paid off as they played through their game against Round Lake High School.


Courtesy of Renee Andrews

Senior Austin Andrews at bat during the Antioch versus Round Lake game on Friday, April 5.

The boys varsity baseball team traveled over to Round Lake High School to compete against the Panthers in a conference game. The Sequoits were ready to take the field on Friday, April 5, because their games over the past few weeks have been cancelled and rescheduled due to weather or field conditions.

“It was great to finally be able to play out on the field,” senior Austin Andrews said. “The entire team was excited to just play the game.”

The Sequoits started the game off strong as they were up first to bat. The momentum continued into their field play as their awareness was high when it came time to get their heads in the game.

“I felt like we were all playing together,” junior Tyler Skutnik said. “We played as a unit and it just got better as the game continued.”

As the game came to an end, the gap between the Sequoits and the Panthers score became unreachable. At the end of the game, the score was in favor of the Sequoits 11-1, giving them an undefeated conference record so far this season.

“Everybody likes to stay undefeated in the conference,” senior Vincent Roszkowiak said. “What is important is that we keep a growth mindset throughout the season instead of a fixed mindset.”

Come support the boys varsity baseball team as go against the Blue Devils of Warren Township High School on April 10, at Warren Township High School.