Sequoits Drop Sectional Opener

The boys basketball season comes to an end as the Sequoits fall to DePaul.

The boys varsity basketball team suffered a loss this past Tuesday night as they played against DePaul College Prep at North Chicago for an advancement in the competition of a sectional title. With a final score of 51-28, the Sequoits gave it their all in the last game of the season and never once accepted defeat.

At start of the game, DePaul got the tip and immediately scored, creating a lead against Antioch. There was constant rebounding, which led to junior Ben Nauman scoring the first two points for the Sequoits.

“Going into the game we knew exactly what to expect and they didn’t really show us anything different,” Nauman said. “We did all the basics right, such as penetrating and kicking out and swinging the ball, but we could not make shots or finish possessions because we were sloppy.”

DePaul’s defense shut down Antioch in the first quarter when they continued to block attempted shots. As a result, the buzzer rang and the scoreboard read 13-2 in favor of DePaul.

In the second quarter, the Sequoits stepped up their defense as they had a few steals from junior Jack Gillespie. As confidence was showing on the court, so was their drive. Junior Dan Filippone made a three pointer, adding onto the score offensively. After what seemed like a fast paced two quarters, DePaul led at halftime 25-14.

Throughout the third quarter, there was numerous examples of fouling, resulting with Antioch to have the opportunity for many free throws. This allowed the boys to increase their chance of advancing to the next game. Passing was also a major factor and the ball was moving around the court faster and faster with each second.

“My main focus was facilitating our offense and getting the other guys open looks to make plays,” senior Andrew Hare said. “They were a tough team, we knew that coming into last night but we needed to stick to the game plan. The main focus we had going into the second half was winning the [next] quarter.”

When the scoreboard read 38-22, the Sequoits knew it was time for their last stretch to catch up. In the last eight minutes of the game, there was a dry spell for both teams. Unfortunately, the game really came down to missed shots.

As the game came to an end, the players never gave up on themselves or their teammates. Their performance really proved them to be a family, and when DePaul allowed the time to run out in the last 30 seconds, the support never left. With their last game of the season ending 51-28, the team will never forget their journey with each other.

“I feel like we played really well against a really good team but we played with them for most of the game,” junior Robert Christiansen said. “We accomplished a lot and have a lot to be proud of this year. [We have] such a great group of guys, I’m really going to miss the seniors next year.”