Sequoits hush the rush

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, Sequoit field hockey managed a win against the Lakes Eagles with a final score of 3-0.


Meryl Resurreccion

Seniors Katie Quirke and Faith Lacerba approach the goal in the Antioch vs Lakes field hockey game.

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, the Sequoits took on their cross-town rivals, the Lakes Eagles. In an exciting game, the Sequoits managed to come out on top 3-0.

The Sequoits maintained possession most of the game and dominated the box score. There were one or two scary plays, but the Sequoits kept their cool and proceeded to outplay their opponent.

In the first quarter there was no scoring but a lot of good ball movement, shot attempts and defensive stops.

In the second quarter, the Sequoits kept up the pressure and senior Faith LaCerba managed to score a goal with five minutes left in the half silencing the Lakes hecklers.

“The loud crowd sometimes affects our game,” senior and captain Maggie Volkmar said. “But we try to ignore them and listen to our own crowd.”

After resting up at halftime, the Sequoits took to the field hoping to increase their lead.

Not long into the third quarter, junior Peyton Lyndon got the crowd hyped after scoring a goal to increase the lead to two.

Within a minute of the second goal, LaCerba scores her second goal of the game, bumping up the lead to three goals.

“The best part about being a leader on the team is being able to help the younger players get better and guide the team through practices and games,” LaCerba said.

For the rest of the third quarter and the entirety of the fourth quarter, the Sequoits held off the Eagles and earned their first win of the season. 

“It was very exciting to beat Lakes because our season didn’t start the way we wanted,” LaCerba said, “so after putting in work at practice our hard work finally paid off to beat the cross-town rivals.”

The next home game is on Sept. 13 against Lake Forest Academy where they hope to keep the win streak alive.