Sequoits sweep Lakes for the third year in a row

On Friday, the girls basketball team played Lakes Community High School and took home another win.


Brayden Cecchi

Final Score 46-30 Sequoits.

The Antioch girls basketball team headed to rival school, Lakes Community High School, with high chances of winning. After a long game on Friday, Feb. 4,  Antioch took home yet another win. The team was already excited for the game and when the final score came to 46-30 everyone was beyond happy with the incredible game these girls had. 

“I think the game went great considering it was their senior night and they were probably really excited for it, but we were able to step up and win,” junior Mia Kaiser said.

With Antioch being seeded seventh in the Northern Lake County Conference, there was no doubt that these lady Sequoits could do it. They put a lot of effort and time into practice to be prepared for the game. These girls worked hard and made some last-minute changes to their defense, but they still come out on top. 

“Our defense is really good, especially considering we learned a new defense a couple of days before the game, and our communication was also on point this game,” junior Cambell Lazarz said. 

After a whole new defensive plan was put in place and with LCHS being seeded fourth in the Northern Lake County Conference, these girls exceeded any and all expectations. Throughout this season these girls have worked on improving their communication. 

“We need to work on communicating during defense and offense,” junior Callie Bemis said. “Holding each other accountable for our mistakes is something we could improve on.”

The girls basketball team will be playing in the regional game this coming up Monday, Feb. 14. These ladies have shown that they are capable of anything, especially considering they beat a team that is seeded above them, not once but twice this year. 

“Although we haven’t played St. Viator this season, if we play smart, go all out and continue to play hard, I’m sure we can pull through with a win,” Kaiser said. 

If the girls play Monday, Feb. 14, how they did against Lakes, there is no doubt that they can’t add another win to their record.