Sequoits Take on Valentine’s Day

Students and teachers share their advice and ideas for how to spend the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Valentine’s Day is yet another “Hallmark Holiday” that some despise and many love to celebrate. This Sunday, Feb. 14, once again American’s will celebrate and cherish the love they have for their significant other, friends, family, and most importantly, themselves. Students and staff shared what they plan to do on this special day. Here is a collaboration of what Sequoits are doing this February 14th:

English teacher Jim Hellen said, “Don’t forget about your mom.”

Student Andi Leineberg said, “I will probably hang out at my house and watch American Idol reruns. Just live it up. We have the rest of our lives as adults to have a Valentine. It is not the end of the world.”

Math teacher Arnold Glapajone said, “Show that special someone that you care.”

Student Michael McCue said, “Buy yourself something special. Love yourself a little bit.”

English teacher DeeAnn Andershock said, “Be sincere. Don’t forget about your friends and your mom and dad. Don’t be sappy.”

Student Morgan Miller said, “My plans are to go to a car show. Don’t expect the world. Don’t put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the ‘Hallmark Holiday’ that it is. Just enjoy being together.”

Social Studies teacher Scott Magnuson said, “It is not the size of the gift, but the thoughtfulness of the expression itself.”

English teacher Sarah Ogborn, said “Don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously because it is a ‘Hallmark Holiday’.”

Happy Valentine’s Day Sequoits!