Everything to Know about Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”

Well-known music provider has stepped up its game and added new features that are personalized for the listener.

Frankly, I completely ignored the new playlist that popped up under “My Music” a couple weeks ago. Only recently have I ventured into the Discover Weekly feature of Spotify, and I need to say, it is pretty incredible. Discover Weekly is a personalized playlist formulated by the creators of Spotify, and, you would have guessed it, is different every week. Spotify is in tune with the genres, the artists, and the albums a subscriber listens to over time. During that week, Spotify formulates a playlist of new artists and unique songs that correlate with recently listened songs; it is an attempt to introduce artists and genre variations to the listener that they may have not known before.

Spotify makes the playlist personal, and stated off of their site, “Discover Weekly is available once you’ve actively used Spotify for at least two weeks–We need to get to know you first!”

The concept is well thought out, but not for everyone. If you only like specific artists and are not up to crazy different styles, Discover Weekly is a bit of a musical reach. Spotify incorporates out-of-the-box artists and songs that may not match up with your usual listening preferences. One plus is that the playlist changes every week, which opens up the doors of music for the listener. Personally, I have found multiple new musical favorites, as well as took a dip into the pool of unusual genres. 

Spotify offers Discover Weekly to all of its listeners, regardless of whether or not they are a subscriber. The playlist can be made private or public, so your personal followers have the chance to listen to your own playlist.

Discover Weekly has opened the doors for listeners to experience a different side of music.


To learn more about Discover Weekly and Spotify, visit their website.