Should Justin Bieber be Deported?

The pop sensation poses the circulating question in response to his illegal behavior.


Graphic by Johnny Horton

Justin Bieber‘s name always seems to appear somewhere, but things started getting out of hand when #DeportBieber began trending on Twitter in the last few months. With Bieber’s large ego continuing to grow and trouble seeming to follow him where ever he goes, is it time to send him packing?

Lately, Bieber had several run-ins with the law. Many people are unhappy with his decisions and think he should get deported back to Canada, where Bieber is originally from.

In an anonymous survey at Antioch Community High School, one respondent said, “If he was considered an equal, he would receive the same treatment as other immigrants-those who have committed minimal to no crime at all are still deported. Just because he is a celebrity, his actions are brushed off the shoulder, and it shows the inequality in our country and the falseness of ‘all men are equal.'”

Bieber is in the United States on an O-1 Visa, which is issued to anyone with “extraordinary ability or achievement”  in their field.

While some think he should be thrown out completely, others think he should be given a second chance.

Junior Courtney Coleman said, “Other people commit crimes daily; he should not be deported because people don’t like him. I’m not supportive of the things he’s been doing, but I don’t think he should be deported.”

Maybe the former clean-cut teen pop star won’t be sent back over the border in the near future, but it is unclear if he will be welcomed back to Canada. Bieber was booed at a Canadian award show earlier this year.