Sidewalk Chalk Review: Writer’s Week 2017

A preferred performer from Writer’s Week 2017, the band Sidewalk Chalk certainly gave students a show to remember.

Antioch Community High School welcomed the band Sidewalk Chalk to Writer’s Week 2017.

A band that leads “the contemporary evolution of hip-hop, soul, and jazz,” according to their Facebook page, Sidewalk Chalk amazed ACHS students with their music from all three of their albums.

A band whose “roots are firmly planted in Chicago,” Sidewalk Chalk brings a nostalgic taste of home while retaining upbeat and interesting twists that kept the energy of the students high throughout the performance.

The band worked hard to keep students involved, calling them out of their seats and up to the stage throughout the show multiple times. Students were also invited to become involved in the show and place items onstage to be the subject of a rap by lead singer Rico Sisney. Students came on strong, placing a wide variety of items on stage, from potatoes to water bottles to apples to even other students. This seemed to be the favorite portion of many students.

“I liked the show,” sophomore Nicholas Garcia said. “I really liked the part where he was rapping, it was all freestyle and when he sang about the Earth, that was good too. He wanted everyone to get into it.”

The infectious energy of the Sidewalk Chalk performers is sure to leave a lasting impression on Antioch students that will stay with them for years to come.