Socks, Glorious Socks

Get out of the average sock rut of life and step up your sock game to fit the occasion

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018

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There are so many components to the perfect outfit, but none can ever out class the most basic part; a wild pair of socks.

Millions of your average white Hanes crew sock wearing Joes are sadly unaware of this fact. Sure, the outerwear is important, but as soon as you sit down and your pant legs start to ride up, the real star of the show is put on display.

I know, the average Joes are out there confused, what makes a good pair of socks you may ask? Well that’s based on you, and the occasion.

If you’re an easy going person, settle for something relaxing such as a beach scene. If you’re an athlete, rock the occasional pair of Nike elites. For the casual hipster, your options are completely open; you can wear any print you want. For the mad scientist in you, wear a pair of socks with Albert Einstein’s face plastered on the side. The possibilities are endless.

Dance? Job interview? Whatever it is you need to dress up for, countless pairs of crazy patterned dress socks can be found. Business casual? Slip on a pair of argyle print socks to spice up your day. Day out on the town? Can’t go wrong with a crazy colored Aztec print.

Whatever style you’re looking for, most clothing brands have some sort of sock line these days. Banana Republic, PacSun and Nike generally carry a pair of socks to fit your every desire.

Don’t get stuck into the Hanes sock rut of the world, throw on a new pair of socks and flaunt those puppies.