Spread of the Coronavirus and Potential Precautions

Multiple universities and schools have been closing, advising Americans to stay in their homes.

Lena De Vore

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December 6, 2020
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Lena De Vore

As the coronavirus continues to rapidly spread many safety measures have been put in action. The virus has caused many to stock up on necessary toiletries and food incase of a possible quarantine.

Many scientists around the world are currently working to find a possible cure for COVID-19. While the spread of the disease massively continues around the world, each day more possible cases world wide are appearing. 

According to NBC News, over 1,000 people in the United States have been infected by the coronavirus, along with thousands of more people being tested due to possible symptoms of the virus. In over a span of a few months, the virus has put many nations and states into a state of panic. The World Health Organization is now calling the outbreak a pandemic, since the entire world is now being affected by the disease. According to CNN, there have been more than 115,000 global cases of COVID-19 and more than 4,500 people have died.

On March 11, President Donald Trump addressed that the U.S. will be suspending most travel from Europe for the next 30 days. Many other precautions are also being made in hopes of grabbing a hold of the virus. According to Fox News, at least 13 states in the United States have declared a state of emergency. 

“The coronavirus although concerning does not really scare me, and if we cancel the school trip [to Los Angeles] it is to make sure that we are safe,” junior Alyssa Olson said.

Many universities and schools across the country in areas or states that have been exposed by the virus are closing for the precaution of their students and staff members. Most schools are either on spring break or will be transitioning into break, which poses a threat to those who will be traveling to infected areas. 

As a result of schools temporarily closing due to the coronavirus outbreak, they are either switching to online programs for a period of time, for the remainder of the semester or are extending their spring breaks. 

According to NBC News, the COVID-19 scare has moved into Lake County with a new confirmed case of the virus. At W.C. Petty Elementary School a possible scare of the virus has also brought a sense of panic to Antioch residents. In D117, a possible alternative plan has been discussed if necessary for schools to switch to electronic learning after spring break, but has yet to be confirmed. As the pandemic continues to rapidly spread globally, many schools and states have taken precaution.