Stitching up a Storm

The sewing class offered at Antioch and Lakes Community High School is a practical class that students may be able to use in the future.


Haley Aitken

Sewing class may be a great idea for creative students who want to try out a new hobby. "Sewing is very relaxing and fun" Junior Allison Kennedy said.

Sewing class has been around at Antioch Community High School since the very beginning. Laureen Carl, the current sewing teacher at both Antioch and Lakes is passionate about sewing and believes it is a practical class for students to take. Whether it is sewing a button, a ripped pocket or hemming up pants, sewing is a realistic hobby that can be used throughout one’s future. 

“I do believe that the sewing class is useful because the skills that we learned can be used in the future,” Lakes junior Allison Kennedy said. 

Although some may argue that sewing is a few simple stitches, sewing incorporates a variety of skills such as problem solving and mathematics. The sewing class at district 117 can be taken at any level of experience. Students can work at their own pace and their own level. students can also create various projects, such as pillows, embroidery and clothing.

“If you have any ounce of creativity in you and you love fashion, then [sewing class] would be awesome,” Carl said. 

Unfortunately, there has been a decline in participants since 2004, when Carl started working at ACHS. Due to this, sewing class would not run each year, depending on the amount of participants. In fact, on a poll of 47 students, only 17 percent of them knew ACHS had a sewing class. Carl believes that the pressures of advanced classes are to blame. 

“I actually had two full sections [of sewing class], but then the Advanced Placement push and the honors push started and kids started dropping out and not taking that class,” Carl said. “I firmly believe it is because they think [that] they have to take AP and honors classes, instead of the practical life skills [classes].”

Although there were fewer participants in sewing class recently, sewing class continues to be a useful class for students who are interested in fashion and enjoy hands on activities.