Storytellers Series: Nate Davis

Antioch alumnus teaches students just how games are played.


Jazzmyn Roman

Nate Davis highlights the company PlayMechanix and the many games that he has helped produce with them.

Designing and creating things about which one is very passionate can completely change that person’s life. Today, most people just play and enjoy video games but don’t actually know the background of how the they were made. Video game designer and artist, Nate Davis, graduated from Antioch Community High School in 1998. Ever since he was young, he has also been passionate about movies, video and arcade games and comic books.

“Being able to have the ability to pursue one of my dream jobs is a dream come true,” Davis said.

During his high school years, he took film classes, art classes, screenwriting classes and Photoshop classes to educate himself about his passion. Eventually, Davis had to get a job after high school in order to pay for his college tuition fees.

In addition to Davis attending all of the classes he had been taking, he started to design the visual effects of video games. He designed some of today’s most popular games.

2010 was the year in which his best project was released. Through all the stress, hard work and collaboration, his project was published. He designed the visual effects and cinematics in the game Kung Fu Panda, which took about two years to make.

Davis also helped design the popular game Halo, which is a Sci-Fi game in which the player has to battle against others. Over 70 million copies of this game has been sold worldwide, and the game has generated five million dollars since its release.

“After the game Halo came out, it was probably one of the best feelings ever,” Davis said.

Davis and his coworkers had a huge responsibility to make sure all of the games will be good enough to be published. Also they had to make sure they were appropriate for all ages. Davis continues to love his job and wouldn’t give it up it for anything. He wants to continue making video games and entertainment for a worldwide audience.