Student Teacher Reflects on Sequoit Experience

Brian Palmer says goodbye to ACHS, but is positive of the impact the school left on him.

Madelynn Soberano

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Starting off as a high school student at Vernon Hills High School, Brian Palmer made his way to Northpark University and is currently finishing his student teaching as a math teacher for Ryan Hlinak. Coming into a new environment unsure of what to expect, especially since Palmer has attended schooling in the Windy City.

“The students here have different mentalities from other suburban high school students,” Palmer said. “I was in a Chicago Public School where kids didn’t value education as much as they do here. They are very appreciative for what they have, so it is a little bit different from any past experience. When I was at Vernon Hills, everything was more competitive.”

When hoping to become a high school teacher, one must experience what it’s like first hand to work with students in the classroom environment. After sending a mass email to surrounding schools in the area and having an interview with math department chair Jill Farrell, Palmer started teaching alongside Hlinak. After a few short weeks of getting used to the daily routine, Palmer soon took over the classroom and has been teaching solo ever since. As first semester comes to an end, Palmer will be leaving the Sequoit family in hopes of finding a full time teaching job.

“I’m definitely going to miss [my students],” Palmer said. “Everyone’s different, but overall [my students] were entertaining. It makes coming to school fun for me. I’ve had a good time being in class and it was a great experience. Wherever I go, if it’s not here I’ll definitely miss this school.”