Sweet and Spicy Wings in Antioch

Wings etc. serves wings with many different types of sauces ranging from mild to hot.


Wings etc. offers 22 different sauces to go along with their wings. They serve either bone in or boneless wings. These wings give customers a wide variety of sauces to choose from.

Wings etc. in Antioch offers a variety of food choices on their menu, but their most popular menu item is their titular wings that come with more than 20 kinds of sauces. The range of different sauces offers consumers the chance to pick the type of sauce that they prefer. Their sauce choices can appease someone who likes their wings sweet, spicy or anywhere in between. 

For someone who likes mild wings, a good choice of sauce would be the BBQ or teriyaki. Both of these fit the category of mild, but they can also have a hint of spice. The consistency of these sauces are the biggest differentiation between them: the BBQ is a thick sauce and the teriyaki is much thinner. One’s preference on sauce consistency could be the biggest consideration of which mild sauce they order.

A sauce that will please someone that likes their wings to be spicier than mild but not too hot could be the medium buffalo. This sauce is very watery to the point of almost not being noticeable, but the taste makes up for it. This taste is perfect for people that wish to get pleasure out of eating wings without having to reach for a glass of water after every bite they take. 

The hot buffalo sauce is sure to satisfy a person likes their wings to be extremely hot. These wings can make the mouth feel like taste buds are being burned off, but for people who like that feeling, hot buffalo sauce would be a good choice. 

The sauces at Wings etc. satisfy people with all different kinds of tastes and preferences of sauces. Wings etc. can also serve multiple sauces at a time if someone likes mild and hot wings. This would be the perfect restaurant to satisfy a craving for wings, especially for those who prefer to pick the exact type of wings and sauces on their meal.