Teach To Speech

Second year teacher Diane Arndt works with students to improve their speech skills.


Lena De Vore

Arndt is ready to kick off the new school year and help more students this year.

Every year the staff changes at Antioch Community High School because of student teaching, teacher retirement and new editions to staff. Diane Arndt became part of the Special Education department during the 2018 to 2019 school year.

Arndt previously worked at the Kenosha Hospital for ten years. After being a speech pathologist for a total of 26 years, Arndt is now working in a high school for the first time in her career. Arndt currently works at three different locations at Antioch, Lakes and Camp Peacock.

“[Before working at Antioch, I was working] in a hospital. I did speech therapy in two hospitals in Wisconsin for ten years,” Arndt said. 

Growing up Arndt thought she would become a physical therapist like her step-mother, but once she recognized what a speech pathologist does she was instantly sure that was what she wanted to be. Arndt earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Toledo and her master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin. 

Arndt explains that her favorite thing about being a speech pathologist is the connections Arndt makes with her students. Arndt feels continuous joy when helping a student with their speech skills.

“I love being able to support teachers and students with their vocabulary, language and speech skills so that they can improve,” Arndt said. 

Speech pathologists work specifically with children, students, adults and elders with their speech skills and development which then gives them more opportunities in the workplace for jobs. Helping someone improve their speech can be life-changing for them.

This school year Arndt is looking forward to continue and help improve students speech skills.