Tennis Takes on Conference Invitational

Girls varsity tennis excels in their conference meet.


Valerie Foote

Sophomores Piper Foote and Megan Lawrence show off their medals after placing 2nd in their meet.

The girls Varsity tennis team served it up last Friday in their conference invitational. Sophomores Megan Lawrence and Piper Foote finished second in four doubles, and seniors Elizabeth Gardner and Emma DeJong placed first in one doubles. Both pairs however fell short to Grayslake Central.

The invitational consisted of every team in the conference, however each pair played different schools. Every pair played three matches, and winning all three, meant winning first place.

Throughout the fall season, the girls have improved on their overall court awareness and strategies. Lawrence and Foote both agreed that overall, the invitational went well for everyone.

“It went better than expected,” Foote said. “The beginning of the year was rough for us, but towards the end I think everyone really started to play with strategy.”

The girls have worked hard on improving on and off the court and are looking to place in their last meet this upcoming Tuesday before they go compete in sectionals.