The Best Time to Visit Disney Theme Parks

The Disney theme park in California is a hot spot for tourists, but there are still days without long lines.


Planning a trip to Disneyland causes people to think about when one is available to go compared to when others will visit the parks. “The only week that I am free is spring break,” Lamberty said.

The Disneyland theme park located in Anaheim, California is a place where families can go to escape everyday life and experience Disney’s stories and characters up close. Although it is claimed to be the most magical place on Earth, crowds and lines can be an issue for Disney enthusiasts when wanting to visit the park. Navigating the best days to take a trip can entail a lot of planning beforehand, including the consideration of weather, population and time of year.

According to the Disneyland Crowd Forecast Predictor, the same time period of the Antioch Community High School theater class’ field trip to Disneyland is a common time for spring break, meaning larger crowds. The evaluations of the week concluded that the park will be packed with people during the days of ACHS’ spring break, but the middle of the week in a colder month is concluded to be the best time to avoid large crowds. These forecasts can be subject to change, but considering the climate and time of year, the predictions do not seem unlikely.

Another factor that can contribute to the perfect day at Disneyland is weather. Predicting the weather can be difficult especially when attempting to plan for a trip in advance. A resourceful way to guess the weather for the time period of the trip is looking into the historical averages in an area. 

2020 Long Range Anaheim Weather predicted the highest precipitation rate in the month of March as well as the highest temperatures being in May. Knowing this information can aid people to form conclusions and compromise what they are willing to deal with on a trip to Disney. A day with nicer weather can mean larger crowds and a rainy day can mean shorter lines.

“The ideal weather for me would be a nice, cloudy, warm day,” sophomore Jenna Lamberty said.

For anyone planning on taking a trip to Disneyland, planning is key. Assessing the weather and crowd are essential components in order to enjoy the magical experience at the theme park.