Retiring J.J Blinker’s

After 35 years, the local business known for its costumes and pranks is closing.


Daylia Brock

The friendly atmosphere of J.J Blinker’s is difficult to capture in a photograph; “Growing the store is a favorite memory,” Linker said. “We’ve gone through so many changes, growing from a little space into taking over the whole floor.”

After a long journey filled with laughter and unforgettable memories, shopkeeper Joanne Linker has decided to retire J.J. Blinker’s. Throughout the years, J.J. Blinker’s has made its mark on the Antioch community, and the family atmosphere will be missed by many Antioch residents.


The retirement of the store was announced on Facebook on the morning of Friday, September 25. The post reiterated the difficulties that went into making the decision to close, as well as posing optimism that someone may want to take over and continue the business’ legacy. 


This was a shock to many in the community, specifically those who spent their childhood playing with the prank toys and purchasing Halloween costumes each year. 


“[J.J Blinker’s] has been in our community forever,” junior Jenna Lamberty said. “It is the place you go when you need a costume or just want to have fun pranking somebody.”


Spreading laughter has been the goal of J.J Blinkers, and they seem to have fulfilled that goal. Throughout its 35 years in business, Linker has watched her teenage employees grow up and come back with families of their own. As a person, she has grown from starting a business to creating a legacy; but in her eyes, she remains a kid at heart.


“We all come from different stages in life, and in that, we all think differently,”  Linker said. “Humor is something we all have in common. We can all laugh and smile, even in different languages. It’s a universal experience.”


Those who worked at J.J Blinker’s started as a staff, but became a family. Working seven days a week together to closing the store can be difficult, but the impressions they leave in their wake are everlasting. While the future of the business is uncertain at the moment, the impact J.J Blinker’s has made on the community can be considered one of that included spreading happiness and joy.