The Creative Side of Antioch Community High School’s Student Body

How school and community art is created by the National Art Honor Society.

Daylia Brock

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Maggie Quirke

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The National Art Honor Society at Antioch Community High School takes pride in showing off the creative side of the student body. Starting on Tuesday, August 27, the club will begin planning for this year’s artwork.

“Last year, we made ceramic bowls and painted them to be sold at the fine arts concert,” former NAHS president, Grace Nance said. 

NAHS creates art that contributes to the theme of an event, but they make sure to maintain their creativity within each piece. Each artist has a chance to explore their own process and make a connection with their work. 

“When a piece has a personal connection to me, I think it is the best because I put my own individual personality and thought into the artwork,” Nance said.

The community benefits from NAHS as club members complete projects on and off school grounds. 

“During homecoming, we do a lot of window painting in the downtown area,” Nance said.

NAHS contributes their creative skills to various events in school, and locally. They plan to continue their artwork this year.