The Dedicated Center


Jessica Nettgen

Senior Dylan Czerlanis works hard his final football season to make the team proud.

Senior Dylan Czerlanis is weighing in at 290 lbs and standing 6’4’’ upon the debut of his senior season with the football team. Czerlanis started football his sophomore year putting him a little behind his teammates that have been playing since they were young. Czerlanis is full effort, full time when it comes to football in hopes that it will help to propel him onto a field at the collegiate level. Regarding this year however, Czerlanis and the Sequoits have their eyes on a third consecutive conference title.

Dedication and hard work are what most athletes value. For senior Dylan Czerlanis, these two qualities are never absent from his success. This Sequoit center weighs 290 lbs and stands 6’4’’ upon the debut of his senior season—one he hopes is absolutely dominant.

“Not wanting to fail,” Czerlanis said. “I hope to accomplish my goals by working exponentially harder than last year.”

Teammates on both sides of the ball recognize the work that Czerlanis puts in on a daily basis. Senior Chase Becker knows Czerlanis can carry the weight of the offense with his sheer determination.

“If he wants something, he gives it his all,” Becker said. “Whether it’s sports, school or anything in general, he never gives up.”

Czerlanis started football his sophomore year and improved each season since. Czerlanis hopes his efforts will help to propel him into a collegiate football career. Czerlanis finds the football team supporting him in this goal on the field, but off the field his aunt and uncle are his main sources of support.

“Dylan is very dedicated to his workout regimen,” Sherri Kusek, Czerlanis’s aunt, said. “He also does enjoy spending time with friends and there are occasions where he does like to play Xbox.”

His aunt understands that everyone needs their break, but she also knows that when it comes down to it, Czerlanis knows when it’s time to work.

“If I only had one word to describe Dylan, it would definitely be dedicated,” Kusek said.

The seniors dedication is strong as they want their last year to be one to remember. Czerlanis and the rest of the football team are preparing for the upcoming season.

Since Czerlanis started his football career, Antioch has won the conference title consecutive years, but didn’t progress as far into the playoffs as they wanted. The pressure put on the team’s shoulders to succeed is growing with more titles that they win. With everyone’s eyes on him and his team, he won’t back down until they win a third conference title and go deep into the playoffs.