The magic of the moon

The Moon isn’t only something that comes up after the sun has set; it can affect people’s physical and mental health.


Izana Nordhaus

While some believe that the moon is only responsible for moving the ocean’s tides, others believe that it has the ability to affect humans’ health and emotional state.

The idea that the lunar cycle impacts humans’ physical and mental health has been around for a long time. According to the BBC, even though it has been largely dismissed by modern medicine, recent evidence shows the truth behind this ancient theory. 

The moon’s effects on the oceans’ tides can explain its impact on humans. According to SciJinks, it has been well known that the Moon’s gravitational pull has an effect on the ocean’s high and low tides. This is called the tidal force, which causes the waters that are closest to and farthest to the moon to bulge out.

Humans are about 60% water and approximately 71% of Earth is water; that is not a large difference. If the Moon can affect the ocean and its tides, some may wonder if the Moon can also affect humans.

MedicalNewsToday gives lots of information on how moon phases affect human health. It’s possible that there are connections between the moon cycle and women’s menstrual cycles, the Moon and sleep cycles, and the Moon and mental health. For example, a study published in Sleep Medicine in 2014 evaluated the sleep quality of 319 participants during different moon phases. They found that participants remained awake during a full moon or slept lighter for most of the night in bed. 

“Some effects I’ve personally experienced is when the moon is full during my birth month,” junior Diana Del Real said. “I felt super confident in the decisions I was making and had many breakthroughs during that month, especially in a full moon.” 

The moon having effects on living things such as people and animals is a controversial topic. Some may believe the moon does affect living things and others may believe that it does not. 

“Some people may disagree because of the lack of facts that have been proven, but it all goes back to what you believe in,” Del Real said.

Researchers are having a better understanding of when the moon is in full effect and when people may feel it can be beneficial. With this information, people can use the moon to the best of their ability.

“There is so much science about how it affects animals. It would be very smart for humans to learn how our experiences change during a full moon,” junior Bella Bussone said. “We can use it to our advantage.”

ProvinceApthocary says that in these times of magnified emotions, tracking the full moon and new moons is a great way to reconnect with one’s own inner medicine. When there is a new moon, people enjoy many things, such as setting new goals and manifestations of where someone may want to be. During a full moon, common habits are letting go of things that no longer serve that person anymore and reflecting on their importance.

During the next full moon or new moon, it may be beneficial to give these habits a try and see where things end up.