The Most Underrated Movies and Shows on Netflix That Are Worth A Watch

Netflix movies and series that should be on the top of your watch list.


“Charlie St. Cloud”

Based on the book created by Ben Sherwood, this movie, directed by Burr Steers, shows the dedication of two brothers, Charlie (Zac Efron) and Sam (Charlie Tahan). After coming back to life from a lethal car accident that killed both him and his brother Sam, Charlie is still able to interact with his brother. In the crossfires of playing baseball with his dead brother and his new love interest Tessa (Amanda Crew), Charlie faces many complicated choices. As Charlie begins to focus on his life in the real world, Sam begins feeling that he is being erased from existence, that the more Charlie is in Tessa’s world, the less he is in Sam’s. It is up to Charlie St. Cloud to choose his world or to hold onto the past.

“Fundamentals of Caring”

In this comedy directed by Rob Burnett, a young teen with muscular disorder and his caregiver take a road trip in search of landmarks, but end up finding something else. Trevor (Craig Roberts) and Ben (Paul Rudd) put their differences aside and set off for the week long journey. Along the way, Trevor meets Dot (Selena Gomez), at restaurant while she is making her way up to New York. The new group of travelers take the same trip to find the different things what they want in life and to see the World’s Deepest Pit, of course.

“8 Mile”

Director Curtis Hanson focuses this movie on modern rapper Eminem’s upbringing. Set in 1985, aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, or Eminem as he comes to be known, is an aspiring white rapper trying to succeed in an African-American dominated career. Living with his alcoholic mother (Kim Basinger), he lives his early life in poverty and walks a fine line that defines who he wants to be.

“To the Bone”

20-year-old Ellen (Lily Collins) who is living with anorexia nervosa goes on a journey of self-discovery at a group home run by an unusual doctor. This drama film written and directed by Marti Noxon focuses on the importance of support and growth. In the house with six other patients, Ellen bonds with her new roommates including the cheerleader for the other patients who takes a special interest in her, Luke (Alex Sharp). Striving to become stable for her family, her doctors and herself, Ellen begins and ends her journey at the Beckham’s inpatient program.


Boxing star Billy “The Great” Hope (Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal) is forced to start over before achieving a champion title. This sports drama follows Billy and his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams); throughout the film, the couple has many arguments due to the injuries Billy faces after his fights. Despite a promise of retirement and a happy marriage, tragedy strikes and Billy is left to fight for himself and his daughter (Oona

Laurence) who is taken by Child Protective Services.

“The Pursuit of Happiness”

Based off of a true story, director Gabriele Muccino captures the perspective of a father and toddler son becoming homeless. The movie focuses on Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and his son Christopher Junior (Jaden Smith) after they have been evicted from their home due to financial problems. Through a taxi ride, Chris meets Jay Twistle (Brian Howe), a manager of a big company. He later receives a job as an unpaid intern, along with others, for a chance to work as a paid stock broker. Trying to hide his secret, Chris has to live a lie while trying to fight for the means to raise his son.


In this Netflix original created by Robia Rashid, a teen on the autism spectrum wants to get a girlfriend. Though his family accepts him and his ideas to do so, it puts them through an adventurous and funny high school journey. Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist) enters the new world of love, hope and self discovery. His parents (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport) and his sister (Brigette Lundy-Paine) teach him the importance of being himself while maintaining relationships. This comedy TV series is renewed for a second season and is to be released within the year.

Jadda Pope
Jadda Pope

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