The New Secret Menu Item

Starbucks' new Matcha tea has lots of people talking.


Many companies have special secret menu items that can’t be found by just glancing at their menu. Often times one has to download an app or join a club to gain access to the secret items.

The new Matcha tea has recently become one of the best items off of Starbucks’ secret menu. This magical drink consists of Japanese powder that dissolves in either water or milk depending on the preference of the customer. The Matcha is a healthy choice of green tea that can sit on ice or hot water. The color of Matcha is a pretty light green and the tea can make your diet easier. This tea has no sweeteners, preservatives or special coloring. Overall, the drink not only looks good and tastes good, but it is also good for you and each customer might have their own slightly different variations based on what they like.

“ They are each unique in different ways compared to the normal menu,” sophomore Kaitlyn Ayala said. “They have flavors that you could never even think of and turn it into a drink.”

This secret menu item is one that someone could enjoy all year; it’s the perfect drink for when someone is with friends or family or when simply hanging out. All in all, this secret menu item is one all customers should try.