The Sequoits Fall to Wauconda

The Sequoits battle and lose five out of the seven sets, ending with a Wauconda victory.


Valerie Rosek

The girls warm up for their matches.

The girls varsity tennis team pushes through the season to be on top. Due to the weather they have had to cancel some of their practices, but they continued to do drills in order to prepare for their next match. They have had a great season so far and they are hoping to keep their energy and confidence up to be successful in the future. 

“I think the season has been going really well, the whole team has been really pushing themselves—trying their best to get a win for the team,” senior Jenny Horner said.

Being on the team has a lot of pros like making new friends and creating special bonds with the people they spend most of their time with. The atmosphere of the team is very welcoming and everyone is comfortable to talk with one another. The team has made major improvements over the few weeks with a record 3-5 this season so far. The team has a goal for the season to not give up when the matches don’t go the way the team wanted it to go.

“As a team I think we could work on not giving up so easily when we start to lose matches,” senior Sierra Ward said. “[It’s more about the] mental game rather than our actual tennis abilities.”  

Tennis is a team sport in the end, but you are an individual when playing on the court. The team doesn’t really get to experience team morale like other sports do and when losing a match, it is super hard to keep going on the right track. But with the team working together they will continue to be successful in the future.

“The season is going great, the team is doing really well,” senior Zaina Hussain said. “We could improve on keeping a positive attitude throughout the matches.”

The tennis team is working harder than ever to prepare for the next match. Their mental toughness and confidence will determine their success for their next match at Grant competing for the NLCC title.